Rejection - The Fight for Unity Wiki

Name: Thames Bomber

Type: Interceptor

Length: about 38 meters

Width: about 32 meters

Armaments: 1x M264 Lance MRMS

Propulsion: FI-12f

Mass (theoretical): ~ 59 t

Mass (actual) : ~ 118 t

Powerplant : FU-7 will-o'-the-wisp

Skeleton Crew : 1

Maxiumum Crew : 2

Shielding : None

Armor : TDUC


Inspired by the performance of the Rhein Interceptor, the TNRDD developed a new fighter craft to increase the effectiveness of fighter swarms. The new craft was originally designed to house an unnamed FMAC but the plans were ditched due to power limitations and an unacceptable increase in mass, which would push its price point way beyond budget.

Now that the craft was not supposed to house an FMAC anymore, its original design was changed but it retained the huge armored weapon mount at its bow.

Instead of an FMAC it received an MRMS wich was specifically designed for this craft and hasn't seen any service with any other craft to this day.

The Thames Bomber can choose between anti-armor- and high-velocity-munitions.