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The Terran Dominion is the meritocratic, galactic superpower at home on
Humanity's cradle, planet Earth.

Lead by the Senate and the Autarch, the people of Earth and her colonies prosper, having access to the most advanced technology and almost limitless economic potential.

Their navy is without a doubt the most powerful in the known universe.

The price the people have to pay however is one many would consider too high; their freedom. Terran society knows next to no civillian life anymore, every man, every women and every child serve the military in some capacity.

The police that protects the people is also the military police, firefighters take care of both military and civillian installations. The engineers that construct orbital dry-docks and planetary defense systems are the same that construct schools or houses.

Every citizen is issued a rank, this is also their position in society, one can be promoted for aquiring a higher qualification, or for performing well at something. Likewise one can be demoted.

Citizens have a distinct limit in things they can request during a month, this system replaced the monetary system present in the early days of Humanity.

One can request more, if one has a higher rank.

They are at war with both the Archduchery of Korin as well as with the Tarkis Hegemony.