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Riga a.png

Name: Riga Variant A

Type: Freighter

Length: about 320 meters

Width: about 94 meters

Armaments: 3x M12 Servant LMGs

Propulsion: FI-10 White Star

Mass (theoretical): ~ 5700 t

Mass (actual) : ~ 11 400 t

Powerplant : FU-3 Babylon

Skeleton Crew : 130

Maxiumum Crew : 250

Shielding : 90° S3-FRS

Armor : TDUC


Since the original Riga-Class was not meant to operate in combat zones, the TNRDD developed the Riga A. Heavily armored and armed with three M12 Servant LMGs and a reinforced structure this cargo vessel is not to be taken lightly.

Where the original Riga-Class utilized their solar panels to save fuel, the Riga A pretty much depends on them, to aquire additional energy used to power the engine, since the FU-3 Babylon can`t provide enough power if the ship's holds are full.

While being more resiliant than the original Riga-Class the vessel still requires an escort in combat zones, but can hold itself for a while, giving escorting ships some room to breath.