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Name: Riga - Class

Type: Freighter

Length: about 320 meters

Width: about 94 meters

Armaments: None

Propulsion: FI-9 Avalanche

Mass (theoretical): ~ 1692 t

Mass (actual) : ~ 3384 t

Powerplant : FU-1c Eden

Skeleton Crew : 130

Maxiumum Crew : 250

Shielding : 90° S3-FRS

Armor : Titanium Alloy


Even older than the Bremen-Class and its variants, the Riga-Class is still used to this day. Being one of the most reliable freighters ever built.

It was designed during the Great Peace and therefore was not meant to exist in a warring environment. Nonetheless it is still used in combat areas to haul in supplies en masse.

The ship can be loaded or unloaded both when docked or when floating in space, making it a very flexible cargo vessel. The cargo is attached alongside its forward support structure, usually layered in two layers on each side. When docking at a station, the Riga-Class can utilize its forward chemical-burn-thrusters to decelerate, then the forward docking claw locks the ship in place.

Due to its construction the Riga-Class is not meant for planetary flight, simply because it would break apart or snap in half once reentry would commence.

So the Terran Dominion has to use Orbital Elevators to get the cargo planetside.