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Name: Rhein Interceptor

Type: Interceptor

Length: about 25 meters

Width: about 15 meters

Armaments: Dual M12 Servant LMGs

Propulsion: FI-12f

Mass (theoretical): ~ 14 t

Mass (actual) : ~ 28 t

Powerplant : FU-7 will-o'-the-wisp

Skeleton Crew : 1

Maxiumum Crew : 1

Shielding : None

Armor : TDUC


The potential of fighter crafts was first investigated by TNRDD in a simulation following the Battle of Ariamis I where pirate raiders engaged the Terran Dominions ships while they were docked to the scaffold for repairs.

The ships that were able to undock had a hard time fighting the small and agile enemies who engaged in large groups, shutting down the FRS of the damaged ships over and over again.

Though the Dominion won the fight in the end, the lessons they had learned would once again revolutionize space combat as a whole.

The result of the TNRDDs studies was the Rhein Interceptor named after a river in former Germany on Earth.

Meant purely for space combat the TNRDD ditched the wings and mounted two downscaled M12 Servant LMGs using solid high-velocity rounds instead of the usually used anti-armor rounds. This resulted in more force the FRSs of enemy vessels had to deal with, bringing them down quicker, so that the more powerful vessels in the terran navy could finish them off.