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The GCS, or Gun Control Station, controls all weapons on the ship, a dedicated crew maintains the guns 24/7.
Reloading, targeting and firing is done here.

Though the gun-crew is assisted by an R-AI, the primary weapon systems are usually controlled by the crewman.
On the Bremen-Class the GCS has 3 Crewman dedicated to its primary weapon.

- the gunner
- the auxilery gunner
- and the maintainance officer

This can be different from ship to ship and also depends on ship size and loadout.

The crewman serving here are also heavily augmented, though their augmentation is mainly focused on reflexes and information processing, so they can react to the order given by the CIC ASAP.

This might not be true for the Tarkis Hegemony and the Archduchery of Korin, since both factions oppose human augmentation.