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Bremen b.png

Name:Bremen Variant B

Type: Frigate

Length: about 127 meters

Width: about 100 meters

Armaments: 3X M407 Silverlance MRMSs, 1 x M12 Servant LMG

Propulsion: FI-12

Mass (theoretical): ~ 4762 t

Mass (actual) : ~ 9525 t

Powerplant : 2x FU-1 Genesis

Skeleton Crew : 190

Maxiumum Crew : 215

Shielding : 270° S2-FRS

Armor : TDUC

Description: The last terran military refit of the Bremen-Class was developed as a reaction to increasingly more armored pirate vessels. Though the Bremen B was originally intended to mount a M73 Kinslayer it just was not possible to fit the weapon inside the Bremen-chassis and having enough room to fit a powerplant capable of delievering enough energy.

Because of that the TNRDD proposed a weapon many had forgotten, missiles. A weapon that had proven itself in countless battles in the past. It took a few adjustments to create a missile capable of delivering the destructive power the TNSCS was looking for, after 1 year of development however it was complete.

The Bremen B was outfitted with two M407 Silverlance MRMS launchers and one additional M407 Silverlance, loaded with high-explosive warheads to engage vessels after their FRS has been dropped.

For anti-fighter defense the Bremen B relies on its M12 Servant LMG.

Since then the Bremen B has proven to be a devastating frigate, being almost unrivaled in its support role.