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Bremen a.png

Name: Bremen Variant A

Type: Frigate

Length: about 127 meters

Width: about 105 meters

Armaments: 2x M22 Defender, 3x M12 Servant LMGs

Propulsion: 2x FI-12

Mass (theoretical): ~ 5010 t

Mass (actual) : ~ 10 020 t

Powerplant : 2x FU-1 Genesis

Skeleton Crew : 175

Maxiumum Crew : 210

Shielding : 180° S2-FRS

Armor : TDUC

Description: It became clear that the original Bremen-Class though powerful, was lacking the speed to keep up with the small jury-rigged transport ships utilized by pirates.

In order to counter that problem, the TNSCS came up with another design. Sacrificing some of its armor for more room, to fit in a second FU-1 Genesis. This provided the Bremen A with enough power to maintain a second pair of engines, though this would increase its overall mass it would still provide a ~ 87% increase in top speed. This allowed the Bremen A to chase down fleeing priate vessels and to intercept them long before they could hit their target.

It was also equipped with a Burndrive to boost its already high speed for a few seconds but costing a lot of fuel as well as the need to deactivate their FRS.

Though the Bremen A is capable of running patrols on its own, they are usually accompanied by other Bremen variants to increase their lethality.