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Name: Bremen - Class

Type: Frigate

Length: about 127 meters

Width: about 90 meters

Armaments:1x M30 Dominator, 3x M12 Servant LMGs

Propulsion: FI-12

Mass (theoretical): ~ 4285 t

Mass (actual) : ~ 8571 t

Powerplant : FU-1 Genesis

Skeleton Crew : 190

Maxiumum Crew : 230

Shielding : 90° S2-FRS

Armor : TDUC

Description: The Bremen-Class, no other ship has as much history then this. Many historians believe that the impact the Bremen-Class had on history is comparable with the discovery of gunpowder.

It was developed in reaction to the tragic Weisshaupt-Incident, which made it clear that humanity was in need of armed spaceships. It was developed in record time, taking only 9 months from design to the first prototype.

And only 2 additional months before the first mass produced Bremen-Class left the TNSCS-drydock at Jupiter. For many its maiden voyage represented more than just an astounding feat in engineering, it meant the end of peaceful times.

The last 300 years humanity was working together peacefully to leave Earth and to reach the stars, many had thought that finally humanity had dropped the chains of war.

However the Weisshaupt-Incident brought almost all of them down to earth.

Mounting the powerful M30 Dominator EMRA the Bremen-Class had no equal in firepower and it quickly became a symbol of terran dominance. Even to this day the Tarkis Hegemony uses the Bremen as a symbol for the opression of Earth.

It became the bane of pirates and a deterrant for those that harboured seperatists interests. Becoming the fist of Earth's government.

Though it is not the most maneuverable, or the fastest warship today, it is still a dangerous opponent.

In fact its cost-to-use ratio is the reason both the Archduchery of Korin and the Tarkis Hegemony based their ships on the original Bremen design.

In the beginning they even used repainted Bremen-Class vessels.