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Name: Athens - Class

Type: Heavy Frigate

Length: about 260 meters

Width: about 125 meters

Armaments: Dual M22 Defender - EMRA, 1x M30 Dominator,
4x M12 Servant LMGs

Propulsion: G-6 Space Drive

Mass (theoretical): ~ 19 500 t

Mass (actual) : ~ 39 000 t

Powerplant : FU-6 Spark

Skeleton Crew : 280

Maxiumum Crew : 340

Shielding : 220° S9-FRS

Armor : E4 Titanium


Since the Alexandria-Class was more expensive and difficult to produce than High-Command anticipated, they requested a new ship to replace the Bremen-Class. Taking the things into account they had learned from the Alexandria-Class, the TNSCS began construction immediately.

They ditched the wings and reduced the silhouette, in order to make it harder for enemy ships to hit it.

Like the Alexandria-Class the Athens-Class utilizes E4 Titanium armor to increase its endurance in a fight. However it uses an S9-FRS instead of the S14-FRS to save costs.

It still utilizes the G-6 Space Drive, like the Alexandria-Class the Athens-Class is capable of autonomous FTL-travel.