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The Archduchery of Korin is the product of the fantasies of a very powerful
business man, by the name Walter Korin. It's society has more akin with kingdoms of the old days as it
has with the governments of the more recent years.

The people are ruled by the nobles, who are ruled by his Excelancy Walter Korin. Nobility also provides the military leaders, with his Excelancy having supreme power.

Scholars and Patricians are respected civillians with a lot of influence within the Duchery's borders.

Over 96% of the population consist out of ordinary citizens, who are builders, soldiers and basically everything else the Duchery needs. Founded on the colonies owned by Korin Industries, most of the citizens are former employees and are fiercly loyal to the company/nobility.

Most of the Ducherys planets are gaia-planets, or more commonly known as paradise-planets.

They are at war with the Terran Dominion.