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Name: Alexandria - Class

Type: Heavy Frigate

Length: about 275 meters

Width: about 140 meters

Armaments: Dual M73 Kinslayer - EMRA, 4x Prometheus PDs

Propulsion: G-6 Space Drive

Mass (theoretical): ~ 16 584 t

Mass (actual) : ~ 33 168 t

Powerplant : FU-6 Spark

Skeleton Crew : 300

Maxiumum Crew : 360

Shielding : 220° S14-FRS

Armor : E4 Titanium


Developed in late 232NTC the Alexandria was meant to replace the long running Bremen-Class and to strenghten the frontlines against the Seperatists, which became a growing threat.

It utilized the latest in weapon-, propulsion and protective-technology. Mounting dual M73 Kinslayer, the biggest EMRA to be found within the Terran Dominion.

Combined with it's durable E4 Titanium armor plating, the S14-FRS and it's G-6 Space Drive it is without a doubt the most dangerous frigate currently serving in the Terran Dominion's Navy. Only rivaled by its spiritual successor, the Athens-Class.

The most distinguishing trait of the ship are the wings, they were meant to enable atmospheric flight and to intimidate enemy forces. While the ship is able to perform atmospheric flight, it could do so even without the wings, due to the G-6 Space Drive. However this fact was discovered around 3 years later.

It was the first ship designated as a heavy frigate.